Nedre Løkka Coktailbar & lounge Thorvald Meyersgate 89.png

Thursday 1th of desember 2016 we opened our brand new Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar & Lounge  in Oslo at Thorvald Meyers Gate 89.

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This is a bar that pays tribute to both the neighbourhood of Grünerløkka and to the people residing here. The concept, the decoration, the menu and the space it self is historically aligned with Løkka, an area of Oslo many locals hold close to their hearts.


Specializing in cocktails
Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar & Lounge is specializing in cocktails inspired by the history of Grünerløkka and the very home of coktails New York. These quarters of Oslo has suddenly acquired a perfect location where citizens can enjoy a quality drink and relax for a while. The new bar is located among many known restaurants in the area and the owners of Nedre Løkka wish to pair the cocktails on the menu with the culinary experiences of their neighbours. A drink at Nedre Løkka is the perfect start of the evening before you head out to the restaurants of Grünerløkka, or as a last stop of the evening.

Norwegian-american cocktails
The owners of Nedre Løkka has committed to a dive into the history books and can among other things let you know that the eastern quarters of Oslo now called Grünerløkka was at a time referred to as Ny york. This nickname originate from the rapid pace of construction in the area and the broad roads that are layed out in a grid pattern just as the streets of Manhatten in New York.